About me

When getting to know another person, it eventually comes down to the question: why are you doing what you are doing?

That is not a question which is easy to answer, yet it is so important.
In my opinion, we are all often times too busy to really enjoy the beauty of life. Hence I want to inspire people - in the end it really is about a new perspective. Changing that can create new possibilities where you did not see them before. We are never too old to grow. A good quote with regards to this comes from Casey Neistat:

"Experience does for the soul
what education does for the mind"

I hope you can see how birdspective fits into this whole "why" question. It really is about changing the perspective and inspiring people. Creating stunning images and videos with a drone really inspires me constantly and I hope I can share something of that.

If you want to have it a bit more down to earth of who I am:

I'm a student, entrepreneur, Taekwondoka and instructor, traveler, photographer, skydiver, diver, skier, snowboarder, and much more. As pictures say more than a thousand words, feel free to have a look at my Instagram account:


Come get to know me and let us see how we can do something together!