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Whether you want to show your (potential) customers a new side to your business - and enhance your attractiveness with modern drone shots - or see a personal event such as your wedding out of a new perspective: we are at your side!


Feel free to use the pictures we take wherever you want. Publish them on Facebook, Instagram, on your website or wherever - thus showing customers innovativity and your friends and family a whole new angle they have never seen before!

Who am I?

Student, entrepreneur, filmmaker, photographer - snowboarder, skier, scuba diver, traveler, life enjoyer. For more infos click here.

What is this?

A piece of technology with tons of possibilities. Those pretty amazing devices enable us to get shots out of a perspective people can hardly experience. I am still astonished everytime I use my drones by how interesting pictures and videos are out of this different angle.

What we can realise with you

Business: events and projects

You have a project going on and want to arouse interest on this? Drone pictures and videos are a great way to make people stop and look - whether it is on the internet or printed out as a poster!

More information about how we can partner with you

Business: Your company

Successful companies rely on good marketing. But we offer more than that. With the pictures, clips and image films we offer you, we are not only aiming to help you increase your sales, but also want to show you and your employees a whole new side to your business.

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Private: Events

Of course, you are doing more than just work. To add the special extra to your smaller and bigger events, such as weddings, birthdays, trips and other events, we are happy to offer you the right package for you for the right price!

Want to get awesome footage of your private events? Learn more here!

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